microfiber towelsAccording to a recent TODAY/AOL Ideal to Real Body Image Survey, the average American woman invests an average 55 minutes into their appearance each day. While this includes applying make-up and other cosmetic activities, hair-care is a major part of this daily routine.

For many of us, good hair-care is crucial. From finding the right shampoo to using the best product for its texture, getting our hair as we want it is a key part of our self-image. The better it looks, the more confident we feel.

While we may pay close attention to the ingredients in our styling products, we might overlook the type of towels we use to dry our hair. However, rubbing your hair vigorously with a standard towel can damage your locks, as the rough texture causes friction.

Wrapping one of these same towels around your freshly-washed hair can also be harmful, as it pulls on the hair and may lead to breakages around the roots themselves.

Using a microfiber towel instead is a much better, safer option.

Why is a Microfiber Towel Better for your Hair?

Microfiber is incredibly soft yet strong, finer than even silk. While they might not feel quite as deliciously fluffy as standard towels at first touch, microfiber towels do actually provide a better hair-drying experience for multiple reasons.

  • Microfiber absorbs water faster than materials used in standard towels (which is why microfiber mops are used in more and more settings, to reduce water costs and slippage risks), which means your hair will dry faster
  • As the microfiber absorbs moisture in less time, there’s no need to rub your hair quite as vigorously as you normally would, which means less friction and less chance of damage
  • Due to this lack of friction, microfiber helps to reduce the frizz in your hair, which is hugely beneficial for those who struggle to get their hair as sleek as they would like
  • As microfiber produces no lint, there is no chance of finding white fluff or threads in the hair afterward, and as lint leads to tangles, the hair will be left in better condition

After wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel for even half an hour, it should be much drier than it would be after being wrapped in a standard towel. As less time is needed on blow-drying, the overall process of preparing the hair is shortened.

At Texas MicroFiber, we stock microfiber towels that are ideal for drying hair in a fast, safe way. These provide longer-lasting, more effective performance than standard towels, and are less heavy when wrapped around the head for greater comfort.


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