Microfiber towels, cloths and mop pads are an indispensable aid in countless work environments today. Hospitals, medical clinics, salons and car washes all depend on microfiber’s high durability, efficiency and deep-cleaning power.

However, taking care of them properly is critical to get maximum return on your investment.

It’s easy to just assume that all towels and cloths can be washed in the same way. Yourself or your staff may toss them into the laundry alongside standard cotton or other materials without a second thought.

Still, as easy as this is to do, it can have a seriously negative effect on your microfiber. Following the washing instructions will help to keep your towels and cloths soft and hard-wearing.

Let’s take a closer look.

Separating your fabrics

The first thing you should do is separate different microfiber towels and cloths based on their application. For example, if you have a set that are used for cleaning the inside of a car and one for outside, they will encounter different types of dirt.

Keep them separated to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

You should also pay careful attention to other materials being washed with your microfiber. Never mix them with others during the laundering process.

Washing microfiber with fabrics that create lint will leave them in need of another cycle. This is because microfiber has such strong adhesive qualities, and lint will become attached to it while being washed.

You should avoid using laundry detergent too, as this can wear the microfiber down more quickly. Never add fabric softener either. Water alone is enough to clean them safely and effectively.

Keeping it cool

Another key factor of laundering your microfiber towels and cloths is keeping it cool. Choose the lowest heat setting (or ‘cool / cold’ if available) you can to prevent your microfiber getting too hot and melting.

Air drying is best for microfiber too. It tends to dry fairly quickly, more so than you might expect.

All of this may be contrary to most of the laundry you have done in the past, but it’s vital to follow the proper procedure. Investing in microfiber cloths and towels can revitalize day-to-day tasks (whether cleaning surfaces, auto detailing or drying hair), but washing them without due care can disrupt their performance significantly.

If you consistently launder microfiber cleaning fabrics using heat and detergent, you will have to replace them much sooner than you would otherwise.

If you have yet to try microfiber towels, cloths or mop pads for your business or organization, what are you waiting for? It’s a fantastic way to improve hygiene levels, reduce water usage and streamline cleaning tasks.



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