Custom Embroidered & Printed Towels and Cloths

If there is one thing Texas Microfiber loves to do, it’s custom sponges and other custom products! We can meet with exacting specifications for laboratories, packaging companies, veterinary and laboratory supply companies.

We offer custom product sourcing of microfiber products. Whether you are looking for custom die cut microfiber for make-up removal to go with your branded eye mascara, yoga towels personalized for your store, tool sleeves to cover your new tool invention, automotive paint protective covers, machine polishing die cut pads – whatever your desire we know how to make it. We also offer custom printed and embroidered brand towels. Texas Microfiber can provide a wide range of products for your OEM research and brand development team.

The products we offer achieve high levels of absorption, high levels of consistency and quality. No size is too small for us to work with and no specification is too difficult when it comes to making your custom products.

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We manufacture a wide array of sizes, thread counts, and colors of microfiber products. If you have a specific product need, we can make it! Have your company logo embroidered or printed to your towels and cloths. Customize color, GSM, and size, to your exact requirements. Private label packaging and retail-ready are also available.