Alisa O'Banion


Texas Microfiber is a textile manufacturer of microfiber cloths & mops, hospital linens, cotton terry towels and blankets, woven cotton specialty items & polyester roll goods & finished goods and is a certified Woman Owned Business, HUB, SBE, WPO & CMBL. Alisa O’Banion is the primary R&D designer for OEM as well as retail ready products ranging from textiles for hospitals and automotive to specialty textiles for laboratory testing. She is the conduit for business relationships as well as develops the business strategies and initiatives for Texas Microfiber. Alisa manages and oversees the manufacturing of all of its textiles at its international manufacturing factories in China, Taiwan, Pakistan, South Korea and India.

She has 40 years in the textile business having experience with the manufacturer of custom textiles in Belgium, China, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and India prior to her work at Texas Microfiber.

Texas Microfiber a business product that is not seasonal. Alisa O’Banion’s research and developmental work during her career as a commercial interior designer, provided the spring board for manufacturing textiles overseas, as she has overseen the design and international manufacturer of textiles, wood case goods, metal lighting, glass tile, ceramic tile, stone, plumbing fixtures and wall covering supplied to large hotels and hospitality facilities.

Specialties: Manufacturer of microfiber textiles, cloths, mops, polyester linens, cotton towels & blankets, poly/cotton bedding, cotton linens. Textile manufacturer and supplier to the health care, janitorial, automotive and textile rental laundry industries.

Steven Spector


For more than 30 years Steven Spector has accelerated sales and business results for leading technology companies and for hundreds of small businesses globally.  Texas Microfiber has been fortunate to have Mr. Spector serve as Advisor and he has contributed to our social media, sales and marketing, and corporate strategy.  He’s a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, and earned his MBA from Northeastern University.  Mr. Spector lives in Charleston, SC.