microfiber cleaning clothsCleaning costs vary from one business to another. Companies operating in larger working environments and producing a significant degree of mess in a standard day (such as a factory, kitchen, or arts studio) will need to spend more than those with smaller premises. Given the higher number of staff, products, and time required, greater investments are a natural, seemingly unavoidable result.

Detergents, water, and equipment all contribute to the overall price of cleaning, and as this is likely to be a daily undertaking, costs can be incredibly high. All businesses search for ways to cut costs and maximize revenue however they can, and cleaning may well be an area in which investments can be reduced without sacrificing good hygiene.


Microfiber is an incredible solution for businesses’ cleaning requirements, offering terrific value and  performance that can maximize cleaning at lowered costs.

Reduced Costs On Cleaning Detergents

As microfiber cleaning cloths need no detergents to leave surfaces gleaming, the costs of buying large quantities of fluids drops incredibly. Without this regular investment, businesses can actually improve the hygiene of their environment at the same time as lowering their outgoings on expensive products.

Typically, microfiber cloths and microfiber mops (two essential tools for an effective clean) can be used with only a modest amount of water. Unlike standard mops and cleaning pads, which can see janitors burning through bucket after bucket of water, the amount of it going down the drain is significantly reduced.

Furthermore, as microfiber leaves no lint, there is no need to rinse surfaces after using cleaning cloths, leading to further reductions in water-wastage.

Longer Lifespans For Microfiber Cloths

As microfiber is tougher than standard cleaning-materials (such as cotton), it can be washed up to 500 times before demanding replacement. This means janitors and other members of a business’s cleaning team can use the same microfiber cloths again and again, day after day, without having to worry about ordering fresh ones on a regular basis.

The further cleaning staff can extend the lifespan of their equipment, the lower costs will ultimately be over time. Investing in microfiber cloths and other cleaning materials is key for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, to cut costs in the long run.

At Texas Microfiber, we stock a huge variety of microfiber cloths at affordable prices to suit all budgets. Call today to discuss your company’s cleaning needs!




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