Texas Microfiber supplies businesses and wholesalers with high-quality microfiber products, and we’re happy to share the many benefits of microfiber. We want you to know about the advantages of microfiber before you buy, so you can feel confident in your purchase. These advantages include:

Minimization of Cross-Contamination

Our microfiber products absorb liquids quickly. When you’re able to clean up faster than you would with traditional cloth, germs and contaminants have less of a chance to spread.

Increased Cleaning Ability

As mentioned earlier, microfiber products are highly absorbent. In fact, microfiber can hold up to seven times its own weight, so a microfiber product needs far fewer passes over a mess than a traditional cleaning cloth. This increase in productivity will make a sanitation specialist’s job faster and more efficient.

Reduced Need for Water and Chemicals

Another advantage of microfiber is the fact that it’s far more water-efficient than traditional cleaning supplies. This reduction in water use will increase efficiency and lead to long-term savings.


Normally, you have to use different cleaning products to address different messes. You grab a wet mop for spills, a broom for sweeping, abrasives for tougher stains, and so on. Microfiber simplifies the process, because it can handle a range of cleaning situations. A good microfiber mop head, for example, can work as both mop and broom, therefore minimizing the number of cleaning products you need to have on hand. This will save you time, money, and space, as well.

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These are just some of the many benefits of microfiber. At Texas Microfiber, we set ourselves apart from the competition with our affordable rates on bulk orders and our dedication to service. With a bulk order from us, you’ll get the best products to handle your business’s cleaning needs at a fantastic price. For further information or to place your order, contact us today!

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