red microfiber cleaning clothIn recent years, microfiber has become increasingly popular in homes and workplaces across the States. Why?

Thanks to the incredible fineness of microfiber (one hundred times thinner than a single human hair), microfiber towels pick up more dirt and debris than standard cotton designs. They are super-absorbent and clean surfaces simply with water, eliminating the need for chemical-heavy detergents.

This makes them a fantastic option for cleaning up dirt and grime, but there is more to microfiber towels than this: you can use them in ways you’ve yet to think of.

Treating Your Dog To A Softer Clean

Drying dogs after they have been for a run on a rainy day or enjoyed a splash at the shore can be difficult, if using an old towel past its best. Given the amount of hair dogs have and their often excitable nature while being dried, a towel with low absorbency is likely to make the process a time-consuming affair.

Microfiber towels soak up water faster and more efficiently than cotton loop alternatives, and actually dry faster too. This is ideal if your dog(s) return outside on a rainy day and require multiple touch-ups with the towel.

Detailing Your Car

For car-lovers, detailing their vehicles is a real passion. Only the best products and tools will do, creating a quality finish that leaves the car looking dealership-fresh.

Using microfiber cloths to clean cars is becoming more popular among enthusiasts, but perhaps you have yet to try drying your freshly-washed car with microfiber towels. The fineness of the fibers pose minimal risk to the bodypaint, and their absorbency means fewer passes are required to soak up all the moisture left on the surface.

Wiping Down Your Kitchen Worktops

Keeping on top of hygiene in your kitchen is rarely easy, but it is vital considering a single cell of bacteria has the power to multiply by more than 8 million over the course of 24 hours. As it is used to prepare food and drink, the kitchen is prone to more mess than others, with crumbs and spillages easy to make.

Depending on the amount of time you spend at home, you may well struggle to clean your kitchen as thoroughly as you would like, but microfiber towels can help to streamline the process.

Due to the incredible capabilities of microfiber, these towels can pick up the smallest crumbs and absorb the biggest spills with a minimum of effort. They also work effectively on food and moisture which appears to be stuck to worktops, with just a little water effective enough to remove crusted remains.

The softness of microfiber means you are unlikely to leave scratches on your worktops.

As you can see, microfiber towels are a powerful cleaning aid in the home and workplace, offering a variety of time- and effort-saving applications. Our range of microfiber products are produced to the highest standard and provide lasting performance. Give us a call to learn more!


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