Our Specialties

Custom Microfiber

We work closely  with our customers to design their perfect custom printed or embroidered microfiber cloths.

Our Microfiber

Our Microfiber products are great for washing and detailing vehicles.

Mops & Other Cleaning Equipment

Our inventory includes microfiber, mop pads, mop pad holders, scrubber pads, telescopic mop poles, sweepers, tool belts and bags.

What’s Hot at Texas Microfiber

Budget Microfiber

Our Budget Microfiber cloths are perfect for environments where cloths are easily misplaced or discarded. These microfiber cloths maintain our high-standards of quality but at a lower cost, while also maintaining the best attributes that our other products provide.

Carwash Microfiber

Our microfiber cloths and towels are perfectly tailored for both express and full-service car washes. We provide traditional, soft waffle weave and diamond waffle weave microfiber. The high-absorption, lint free microfiber provides a great cleaning experience and gives the best results.

Healthcare & JanSan Supplies

Our increasingly popular mop pads are the staple of our Healthcare and JanSan catalog. Our highly absorbent microfiber mop pads, scrubbers and dusters are great for light to heavy duty cleaning and are durable enough to withstand several hundred washes.

Custom Air Fresheners

We recently launched Custom Air Fresheners at Texas Microfiber. You can put your logo on an air freshener, a great way to advertise your business and stand out from the competition.

To Place Bulk Orders Contact Us

We only do large orders of 1 case or more. If you would like a sample of our products give us a call or send us an email. Samples are free!

Texas Microfiber is a SEMA Member

Texas Microfiber is a member of SEMA, we were an exhibitor at the 2023 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. We will be at the SEMA Show in 2024 to show off our new, popular and custom microfiber products.

A Texas Based Company

As the Name Implies, Texas Microfiber is a Proud Texas Based Company.
Come and Take Our Microfiber!

Texas Microfiber is a Woman Owned Business!

To learn more about our CEO Alisa O’Banion visit the page below.