From couches to cleaning products, there are many items on the market that are made from microfiber.  Aside from loving the way it feels and performs, you might not be too certain what it is that makes microfiber special.  So, what exactly sets it apart from other items on the market?

Thin Fiber Weave

Made from fibers that are 1/16th as thick as a human hair, these are placed together in a dense weave, giving it its signature texture.  Composed of nylon, it is able to hold six times its weight in water—one of the big reasons why it is favored for cleaning.  Another reason it is a superior cleaning product is the charge of the fibers; their positive charges attract dust and can actually penetrate the pores of many surfaces, cleaning deeper than other cloths.

Deep Cleaning

Its ability to deep clean is what makes it attractive to healthcare facilities.  In addition to the fibers being positively charged, each strand is incredibly small, possibly smaller than the bacteria it is being used to clean away.  The fibers are also superior in shape to that of traditional cleaning cloths.  Microfiber strands have numerous wedges while traditional clothes have rounded strands.  This allows microfiber to trap the dirt instead of simply pushing it around.

Two Polymers

Many cleaning cloths are composed of a single polymer; microfiber is composed of two.  The first is polyester, which attracts oil and grease.  The second is polyamide, which attracts water.  The two work together to allow microfiber to attract all types of dirt.  Additionally, microfiber leaves a very clean surface behind, free of lint, streaking, or scratching.  Altogether, this makes a product that is strong and effective at cleaning as well as other applications.



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