microfiber towels for salonDepending on the length of your hair, shampooing it can be a long, laborious process. Of course, drying your locks may well be more time-consuming than actually washing them, unless you simply let it dry naturally.

This is not always a viable solution, though, when you have places to be and things to do. Men and women alike use towels vigorously, hair dryers, or both, but these can lead to frizzy, damaged hair. For women who wrap a standard, heavy cotton towel around their hair and leave it to absorb the moisture, the weight may well be enough to cause breakage around the hair’s roots, leading to short hairs near the hairline.

Microfiber towels are another option you may not have tried. This material has proven increasingly popular in a variety of applications, from detailing cars to mopping hospital floors. Why?

There are numerous pros and cons to using microfiber towels to dry your hair, but which are most important?

Benefits Of Drying Your Hair With Microfiber Towels

First things first: microfiber is classified as any fiber with a single denier or less. Being just around 100 times finer than a human hair, a square inch on a microfiber towel holds close to 200,000 fibers, which creates a larger surface area in which to absorb moisture.

For this reason, drying your hair with a microfiber towel will be a faster process than with a cotton towel. After wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel for around 30 minutes, it will be almost totally dry.

Another benefit is the lack of friction caused. With no need to rub the hair to extract the water, less strain and friction is imposed on your hairs, leading to less breakage over time. This also helps microfiber to reduce the frizziness you may see with standard towel-dried hair, requiring less anti-frizz product.

As microfiber lasts longer than cotton, these towels provide better value for money, withstanding up to around 500 washes.

Last but by no means least, microfiber towels leave no little balls of fluff or lint in the hair.

Cons Of Drying Your Hair With Microfiber Towels

In terms of performance, there are no cons when drying hair with microfiber towels.

One area you may find takes a little getting used to is cleaning them. Rather than bundling all of your towels into the washing machine at the same time, you will have to wash cotton and microfiber towels separately. Why? The powerful attractant in microfiber means pieces of lint will cling to them during the cycle.

You should also avoid fabric softeners, which clog the material’s fiber.

As you can see, there is really no reason to accept substitutes. Microfiber towels can provide an exceptional hair-drying experience, leading to healthier locks over time.

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