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For car-wash owners and janitorial staff alike, creating that sleek, lint-free finish one visit after the next may well be a time-consuming, frustrating chore.

Whether you are hired to give a client’s vehicle that dealership-fresh shine or to make their business’s windows gleam, knowing how to satisfy their needs in the fastest way is key. Smears, marks, and blemishes will leave many clients asking for another clean or looking for a more efficient competitor altogether.

Some professional cleaners may think the type of products they use creates smears and marks time after time, but it is usually the equipment instead. So how can you truly clean glass to an exceptional quality?

The Benefits of Cleaning Glass with Microfiber  

While you might be used to rags, paper towels, or sponges, these can lead to streaks and lint, causing you to clean again and again to get the right finish.

Microfiber is a fantastic option for cleaning glass and windows of all kinds. This is used in a wide range of applications, from mopping floors to drying hair in salons, but washing cars is one of the most popular.

Car-lovers want their vehicle to look the very best they can at all times. After all, your clients trust you to clean their cars to the very highest standard without leaving any marks or blemishes, so to secure their future custom, you have to keep them satisfied every single time.

Streaks, smears, and lint are all common after-effects of a thorough car-wash, but they can be easily avoided.

Use microfiber cloths or microfiber car towels in an up and down motion, followed by a side-to-side movement to cover the entire surface thoroughly. As these utensils are so soft, the risk of scratching the glass is greatly reduced, and the material’s design leads to a much more effective clean than rougher alternatives.

Get the cloth damp, rather than soaking. Then, wipe damp glass with a dry microfiber cloth afterward, for the cleanest finish.

Boosting Safety and Efficiency

Microfibers are incredibly fine, and will pick up the tiniest particles of dirt or dust usually missed by standard materials (like cotton or polyester). When cleaning with microfiber, you can just use a little water, rather than one bucket-load after another as you may be used to.

This has less impact on your water bills, the environment, and reduces the risk of slippery surfaces underfoot – for a safer workplace.

This is just as true when cleaning windows on houses, apartment blocks, or any commercial property. Using microfiber cloths with water creates a smooth clean without smears or lint, eliminating the need to give the glass multiple passes over time.

Investing in microfiber cloths and microfiber car towels will save your car-wash and janitorial staff time, effort, and risk down the line. Not only will your clients’ glass have an incredible sheen, the task will be finished faster, making it more convenient for all.

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