TM-MC-01218-BLKWhen running a car wash business, every cent counts. You have to manage your outgoings as effectively as possible, to avoid unnecessary investments and buy the best equipment your budget will stretch to. After all, the better your tools, the better your results, and the happier your customers will be.

One way to save money? Switch to using microfiber cloths and towels.

Microfiber is Easy to Launder

First and foremost, microfiber cloths and microfiber towels are easy to clean. You need to use no heat, no fabric conditioner, and no detergent.

Just like you should only use microfiber with water for an effective clean, you should only wash them with water. This means you’ll likely have to launder them on their own, or with materials that don’t create lint. Why? Given microfiber’s incredible adherence, lint will cling to it, demanding further cleaning.

Just put your microfiber towels and cloths in your washing machine on a warm or cool setting. Leave them to air-dry, or put them into a dryer on a low setting.

Without having to use a high temperature or invest in cleaning detergents again and again, microfiber will save you money through its easy-launder process.

Microfiber Leaves Surfaces Completely Clean

When drivers bring their vehicle to your business for a clean, they expect you to treat it with the utmost respect and ensure it looks dealership-fresh when you’re done.

Microfiber can, and will, provide a thorough clean customers love. There are thousands of tiny fibers on a standard cloth, which pick up the tiniest particles of dirt and grime. They’re also incredibly soft, which minimizes the risk of scratches or marks.

You can spray water on windows before wiping them dry using a microfiber cloth or towel, and customers will enjoy an impressive degree of dirt-free, streak-free cleanliness. You can also use them to dry the rest of the vehicle without leaving blemishes, and without having to cover the same areas again and again.

The high-quality cleaning microfiber cloths offer reduces the risk of customers demanding a repeat wash, and allows your team to create better results with less time and effort. As productivity is increased, you can service more clients.

Microfiber is Incredibly Durable

Any car wash that goes through cleaning equipment at a fast rate will notice a major difference after switching to microfiber.

Microfiber is highly durable, and some cloths and towels can withstand as many as 500 washes. Rather than using low-quality materials that last only a few days at your car wash business, investing in microfiber will save you money in the long run.

At Texas Microfiber, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality microfiber products ideal for car-wash businesses looking for a cost-effective solution. Want to know more? Get in touch!


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