Slide1Microfiber towels provide reliable, durable, cost-effective performance across numerous commercial and domestic applications.

This covers everything from keeping hospital patients warm and dry to wiping cars down following a professional auto-detailing session. Microfiber mops, microfiber cloths, and more are equally popular, renowned for their high-quality.

However, as with any other towel, microfiber towels must be washed on a regular basis to stay clean and at their best.

Still, with their ability to absorb more moisture and collect dirt particles, do microfiber towels require any special treatment while being washed?

Washing Solo

First and foremost, you should never wash your microfiber towels with others. Lint from standard materials will cling to your microfiber and be incredibly difficult to remove, leading to more work down the line.

Wash your microfiber towels alone instead.

Keep Performance in Mind

As you use microfiber towels again and again over time, regardless of the application, their fibers will start to clump together. This makes them less-effective when drying, so clean them on a regular basis.

Which Laundry Soap or Detergent Should I Use?

Use specialist detergents formulated exclusively for microfiber, or a laundry soap free of artificial perfume or dye. Avoid granulated and powdered soaps.

Which Mode Should I Set My Washer to?

You should make sure your washer is on a warm-water mode, as a little heat helps to break down any polishes or waxes lingering between fibers. If your washer’s temperature is too cool, your towels may still carry residue afterward.

How Should I Dry My Microfiber Towels?

In a hospital, salon, auto-detailing, car-wash, or other commercial setting, you will need to keep your supply of microfiber towels well-stocked.

This means the cycle of washing and drying should be completed as quickly as possible. To keep things moving, wash your towels in a drier but at a low heat, as putting the setting too high will cause fibers to melt into one another.

Unsurprisingly, the resulting performance will be harsh, potentially scraping surfaces and causing discomfort.

You may prefer to air-dry your microfiber towels, but make sure they are hung in a place unlikely to cause lint or dirt build-up. If air-drying may be a little too slow-moving for your commercial requirements, ensure all staff know to keep the driers set at a low temperature.

Otherwise, you may end up investing in new towels more often than you like..

Microfiber towels offer exceptional performance, so take the best care of them for long-term quality. Check their labels and follow their guidelines exactly.

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