red microfiber cleaning clothAt Texas Microfiber, we’re dedicated to offering the highest quality microfiber products that make all of your cleaning jobs, big or small, easier than ever.

Whether you work in an industry with high demands for cleaning supplies or you’re just looking for a cost-effective cleaning solution in your home that works better than traditional cleaning materials — we’ve got you covered.

This month’s product spotlight is on our microfiber cleaning cloths.

Texas Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Here’s a brief description of our microfiber cleaning cloths:

  • Available sizes: 12×12; 16×16; 16×24
  • Lint-free, non-abrasive & absorbent
  • Safe on most surfaces & effectively removes dirt & dust with or without chemicals
  • Use damp for cleaning, wet for heavily soiled areas and dry for dust
  • Will withstand several hundred washings
  • Glass wiping, car wash wiping and mirrors work best
  • Thick and large, with minimal shrinkage

Benefits of Using Texas Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Here’s why you should consider using our microfiber cleaning cloths:

  • Scrubs surfaces more thoroughly – each individual microfiber a fraction of the size of a human hair and each cloth has millions of microfibers. That means surfaces are cleaned much more thoroughly than they can be with cotton cloths that can’t clean at the microscopic level.
  • Save water and reduce the need for chemicals – microfiber cleaning cloths require little to no water to clean the same surfaces that cotton cloths wouldn’t be able to clean without water. Only mild cleaning agents are required for the worst scenarios and you’ll never have to use harsh chemicals when cleaning with microfiber cleaning cloths.
  • Saves you time – since microfiber cleaning cloths clean so much more thoroughly than cotton cloths, you can get the same cleaning job done in less time. Plus, you don’t have to hassle with as much water or cleaning chemicals, which saves you even more time.
  • Never worry about cross-contamination – one of the biggest reasons that so many hospitals have made the switch from cotton cleaning cloths to microfiber cleaning cloths is that microfiber prevents cross-contamination. The extremely absorbent nature of microfiber allows it to pick up all contaminants from surfaces and to keep spills contained. Also, because microfiber doesn’t require much water, there is less chance of accidental cross-contamination from the actual cleaning process itself.


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