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To survive in a thriving industry, hair salons must carve their own niche. Standing out in any business crowd is easier said than done, with fierce competition driving entrepreneurs to ever-greater lengths to secure custom. Your hair salon must offer clients an experience, range of services, and quality they cannot enjoy ay any other business in your area.

A quick search on Yellow Pages, for example, brings up more than 4600 results for hair salons in Chicago, IL alone. To beat off competition from local rivals, you must embrace innovative thinking and try to identify ways in which to make your salon irresistible.

#1:  Exceptional Presentation For An Unbeatable First Impression

Outstanding hygiene is integral to a beautiful salon, but maintaining high standards of cleanliness in a busy business can be difficult, and expensive. To cut the time and money spent on cleaning, try microfiber cleaning cloths and microfiber mops. Due to the smaller, tighter fibers used in their design, microfiber cleaning equipment picks up more dirt particles.

Microfiber mops can also be used with water, less than a standard mop would typically require, eliminating the costs of chemical-based detergents. The improved coverage and cleaning capabilities of these products saves time having to go over the same areas again and again. Using microfiber products will leave surfaces gleaming.

#2: Outstanding Hygiene Enhances Clients’ Comfort

As well as creating a sleek, attractive aesthetic, using microfiber cleaning cloths and mops will boost your clients’ comfort. The risks of germs spreading from one customer to another, particularly in the busiest salons, is off-putting to many people.

By cleaning regularly throughout the day, you will ensure your clients see how sanitary your salon is. Microfiber cleaning cloths should be used to wipe surfaces down and remove dust and hairs with a single sweep.  The more comfortable and respected clients feel in your clean salon, the more likely they are to choose you over less-stringent competitors.

#3:  Welcoming Clients From The Outside In

When cleaning your salon, pay attention to the exterior as much as the interior. Having a clean, attractive outside will help encourage people to try your business and add credibility to new establishments. Using microfiber cloths on windows and doors, as well as mopping entrance areas (if safe to do so) all contributes to a welcoming aesthetic.

At Texas Microfiber, we supply a wide range of cleaning equipment to help your salon stand out from the crowd.


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