microfiber cleaningCleaning is a vital part of every hospital’s daily routine.

Without effective cleaning, patients, staff, and visitors are at an increased risk of infection. In an environment which is home to people carrying all manner of illnesses, some of which may well be contagious, a lax approach to cleaning may well be fatal.

However, cleaning itself can be dangerous. Janitorial staff may well suffer injuries, whether as a result of falling or coming into contact with chemicals, posing financial risks to hospitals in the event of legal action.

Using microfiber mops, microfiber cloths, and microfiber towels can all contribute to a safer working process for janitors in hospitals. Why?

Reduced Dependence on Chemical Products

Using chemical-based cleaning products can lead to burns, irritated skin, and respiratory complications from inhaling fumes. One cleaner in particular once suffered serious dermatological damage after coming into contact with a strange cleaning chemical.

Microfiber mops and cloths include many more fibers than standard cotton or nylon materials, and their fineness collects more dirt particles. This leads to a more effective clean in one wipe of a dirty surface, eliminating the need to go over the same areas again and again.

Microfiber tools can therefore provide an effective clean with only water and no chemicals. This is a safer process, and of course helps to save money otherwise spent on detergents.

Less Water Means Fewer Slippery Surfaces

Microfiber mops and cloths absorb more moisture than standard models, reducing the amount of water required to clean in hospitals. Janitorial staff can work faster and more safely without having to constantly top their water supply up as often. They will also put less moisture on surfaces, creating less risk for themselves, staff, and patients.

At a financial level, janitors will use less water over time, leading to a more cost-effective operation.

Microfiber Leads To Less Strenuous Cleaning

Janitors’ work is often strenuous. Wiping floors, cleaning surfaces, and crouching to access hard-to-reach spots can all place serious physical demand on the body.

Over time, this may well lead janitors to experience aches and pains, causing further problems in the future.

As microfiber collects more dirt with less effort, staff can maximize their performance while minimizing their strain.

At Texas Microfiber, our range of products features a wide range of cleaning materials ideal for safe, effective hospital sanitation. Want to learn more? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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