microfiber clothsWhen it comes to cleaning with microfiber, simplicity is key. Unlike standard materials, you can enjoy effective, thorough performance without having to use detergents or other chemical-based products. However, things get a little more complicated when it is time to launder your microfiber cloths.

These are incredibly popular with car washes and janitorial companies. Not only do they provide high-quality results, they also prove very cost-effective (thanks to their durability) and demand less water (making for a safer cleaning environment).

Laundering Your Cloths

If you operate in either industry, you’ll no doubt have encountered the difficulties faced by improper laundering of microfiber. If you use a laundering company, you need to be very specific about how they should or should not wash your cloths.

First and foremost, they must be kept separate from other laundry, as lint and fibers can easily stick to the cloths’ extremely-adhesive surface. Laundry companies may well forget about your request, or simply underestimate its importance.

Secondly, fabric softeners should never be used on microfiber cloths, as they can reduce the fibers’ effectiveness. You should also avoid laundry detergent and heat. All you need is water.

If your laundry company washes your microfiber cloths with detergent, softener, and various other materials, you’ll find using them to clean glass becomes a challenge (to say the least). The last thing you want to do is damage a client’s windshield or window.

Instead, microfiber cloths are best washed in-house. You don’t need a large industrial machine to clean them: even a standard appliance will suffice. There are various advantages to doing this.

The Benefits of Washing In-House

With no need to pay a laundering company every week or month, you can put your microfiber cloths into your own machine as and when needed. On top of this, you have no need to buy laundry detergent or fabric softener (or no extra, if you plan to wash other fabrics).

Washing your microfiber cloths in-house also demands less time: you no longer have to make the journey to drop off or collect your items from a laundromat. This leads to more productivity and cuts further costs if you are used to paying for delivery.

By using only water to launder your microfiber, and washing it on a low temperature, you will make your cloths last longer. They will also stay softer for longer, which is essential for cleaning glass windscreens or windows, ensuring better results for your clients.

At Texas Microfiber, we stock a wide variety of microfiber cloths for a gentle clean. Out Microfiber Diamond Weave Towel, for example, is soft, non-abrasive, and absorbent, designed to work especially well on glass. They also stand up to several-hundred washes.

Our Soft Regular Waffle Weave Towels are also ideal for cleaning glass and other surfaces without the risk of leaving scratches or abrasions, removing fog, lint, smears, residue from smoke, and more. These are available in different colors and quantities, from small to bulk orders.


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