car detail microfiber towelWashing cars on a regular basis is crucial to retain that dealership-fresh shine. If you run a car wash, your customers expect their vehicle to look at its absolute best when they drive away, without a single blemish or particle of dirt.

It’s a tall order, and to achieve unbeatable results, you need unbeatable equipment. Microfiber cloths and towels have become increasingly popular aids to auto-detailing in recent years – but why?

More Absorbent

Microfiber is more absorbent than alternative materials (such as cotton), able to hold multiple times its own weight in water.

When you take a microfiber cloth or pad to a client’s vehicle, you can expect to create less mess and reduce the risk of slippage as the material holds more water. This creates a safer working environment, and reduces wastage.

This high absorbency makes drying a car with microfiber towels faster and more efficient. You and your team can remove moisture from clients’ vehicles with fewer passes, saving time and boosting productivity.

Less Risk of Scratches

Microfiber cloths and towels feature fibers finer than the average human hair, which makes them incredibly soft on cars’ paintwork.

Leaving scratches on clients’ vehicles can be disastrous. Not only do you need to face the driver’s frustration, you will also be expected to pay the costs to put the damage right. You can use microfiber towels to dry cars without having to worry about any of this.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Car wash equipment can be expensive over months and years. Any way you can keep costs down is worth investigating, and microfiber can help you do just that.

Why? Because microfiber towels and cloths can withstand hundreds of washes before their performance starts to suffer. As a result, you will save money on the replacements you would usually have to invest in.

Microfiber can reduce costs even further in one simple but powerful way: its adhesiveness is strong enough to pick up even the most minute particles of dirt, which alternative cleaning materials might miss. You can clean clients’ cars with microfiber and water alone, without having to use chemical-based products.

Not only does this save money, it also reduces your team’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

A Spotless Finish

Microfiber leaves no lint. At all.

Your customers don’t want to drive away from your car wash and find lint across their car. They have just paid money for your team to leave their vehicle gleaming and fresh, and lint is enough to make them wonder what they paid for.

Microfiber also leaves no streaks or swirls either, ideal for cleaning car windows and bodywork alike.

Intrigued by the potential of microfiber? At Texas Microfiber, we offer a wide and varied selection of microfiber towels for your car wash. Just give us a call if you want to know more!


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