microfiber cleaning clothsSwitching to microfiber cleaning products can boost productivity, save money, and ultimately achieve better results.

Microfiber towels, microfiber hospital mop pads, and microfiber salon towels all have the power to leave surfaces cleaner. Yet what is it that makes microfiber so effective and worth your time?


Saving Money, Saving Time

Microfiber is made with polyester and polyamide (nylon) fibers, which are around 1/16th the density of a single human hair. This design allows microfiber cloths and towels to provide a more thorough clean, reaching deeper into nooks and crannies where bigger alternatives can’t fit.

Want to spend less on water and those costly chemical-based cleaning products? Microfiber towels, hospital cloths, and microfiber hair towels can absorb more water than those made with other materials. As a result, they use far less fluids, which translates to lower expenditure on water and cleaning products.

This can be particularly advantageous to hospitals, where every cent counts.


Cleaning to a Higher Standard

As Microfiber picks up dirt particles, dust, and more far better, they can be used with water alone, without the need for anything stronger. Less fluids on surfaces means working environments (such as bustling hospitals, salons, and car washes) are far safer. This reduces the risk posed to employees and customers / visitors.

Microfiber can boost productivity too, with no need for workers to keep dipping their microfiber hospital mop pads into a bucket of water again and again. Cleaning staff are freed from having to keep topping their water up with chemicals, allowing them to work through areas faster. As a result, they will be exposed to fewer potentially-harmful toxins during their shifts.

Time is a major factor in hospitals, car washes, salons, and other busy locations. Surfaces need to be kept as clean, hygienic, and presentable as possible, meaning janitorial staff have to work quickly. Microfiber allows them to clean surfaces in fewer passes than less-effective alternatives, saving time.

Microfiber can further save money by reducing the number of replacements you have to buy. Microfiber cleaning materials can withstand hundreds of washes in a machine before their performance is affected, cutting costs in the long term and helping each purchase to go farther. This makes microfiber an ideal material for most budgets.

However, it’s vital to wash microfiber towels at a low temperature and with other microfiber items. Otherwise, its strong adhesiveness can pull lint from coarser materials and come out of the machine looking in need of another cycle. Leave them to air-dry for added longevity.

Want to know more about why microfiber towels are an ideal cleaning solution? Call Texas Microfiber now!


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