microfiber car wash towelsTime and efficiency mean everything at your car wash.

Your customers have places to be, things to do, lives to lead. Leaving them sitting at their wheel, waiting for their vehicles to be made dealership-fresh, is unlikely to win you any repeat customers. The car wash industry is worth $5.8 billion every year, and it is an incredibly competitive sector.

You need to make sure your car wash is doing everything it can to clean customers’ vehicles as fast as humanly possible.

One trick to try? Cut your drying time by as much as 30 percent by switching to microfiber towels and cloths.


Efficient, Effective, Effortless

Microfiber has become more and more popular in the car wash industry, with businesses like yours reaping its rewards.

One area this material shines is in its absorbency. Your team will be able to dry your customers’ cars in less time than you would otherwise, given microfiber’s ability to absorb more than five times its own weight in water.

Sweeping the towels and cloths across a vehicle’s surface will lift significantly more water than materials like cotton with less need to dry the same areas again and again.


Achieve Top Results Without Chemicals

Microfiber is powerful enough to give a thorough clean with water alone, rather than chemical-based cleaners. Using water only saves time you would use to wash these cleaning fluids away.

On top of this, you will cut down on expenditures too, with even the lowest prices adding up to considerable amounts over time.


No Lint Means No Fuss

Another major benefit of using microfiber towels is their total lack of lint. Your car-wash employees will be able to dry your clients’ cars more quickly and efficiently without worrying about leaving lint behind.

Your customers will notice the professional gleam you leave their vehicles with.


Microfiber Towels are Abrasion-Free

Just as microfiber towels give an effective clean without leaving lint, they are also non-abrasive. This is essential to avoid leaving those unsightly scratches or swirls on customers’ cars, and means your employees can clean a little faster without fear of causing damage.

Even the tiniest scratch can leave clients unwilling to come back to your business in the future, and they are sure to spread the word about your team’s mistake. Side-step this risk altogether with microfiber towels and cloths.

Microfiber towels can make a huge difference to your car wash, saving you real time and money. At Texas Microfiber, our range of microfiber products has everything you need to get started right now.


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