microfiber cloth usesIn recent years, microfiber products have become more popular in domestic and business environments. Traditional cleaning materials – such as those made with cotton or nylon – may appear to be the sole solution for some consumers, but these products’ effectiveness leaves plenty to be desired.

For example, according to the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences, traditional mop-heads soil quickly within a few dips into a bucket of water and detergents. This means dirt and contaminants are returned to the surface supposedly being cleaned within the first 1,000 square feet to be mopped, undoing much of the work before it is finished.

Microfiber is ideal for a variety of applications, inside and outside.

Cleaning and Dusting Without Needing Water

Thanks to the smaller fibers, more dirt, hairs, and crumbs cling to microfiber cloths than they do other materials. Spending time vacuuming or sweeping only to find bits and pieces lingering can be very frustrating, but microfiber significantly reduces the risk of this.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect for dusting around the workplace, collecting more dust in a smaller number of sweeps, creating a fresher look with less effort. In environments were time and resources are at a premium – such as hospitals – microfiber cloths allow staff to do more with less. These can simply be shaken off outside to get rid of dust particles, with no risk of simply transferring them from one surface to another.

Due to microfiber’s impressive adhesive qualities, cloths can be used without water for an easier, safer process.

Washing Cars In Less Time

Microfiber cleaning cloths can be used to clean cars without streaks, eliminating the need to wipe the surfaces down with a rag afterward. Less water is needed, and the whole process is much faster.

Simply fill a bucket with enough hot water as you need, and then rinse the cloth, ensuring it is fully damp. Begin the cleaning process with the mirrors and windows, and then get to work on the rest of the car (starting from the cleanest to the dirtiest, to eliminate any risk of transferring dirt – though this is very unlikely with microfiber cleaning cloths anyway).

Adding Shine to Chrome Fixtures

Use microfiber cloths on your chrome taps, showerheads, and other metallic fixtures around the workplace for a stunning sparkle. This is a neater, more hassle-free technique than using traditional polishing methods and products.

At Texas MicroFiber, our range of microfiber cleaning products can bring exciting new processes and levels of hygiene to even the filthiest workplace.


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