microfiber towelsGood hygiene is essential in hospitals and clinics. Not only does a thorough, strict cleaning regime create a more comfortable environment for workers and patients alike, it also reduces the risk of infection – a major hazard when immune systems are lowered due to illness.

Budget cuts and staff shortages can affect a hospital’s hygiene levels: the less money and manpower there is to contribute to a healthy environment, the greater the danger of germs and diseases spreading.

Microfiber is becoming more popular in hospitals and clinics across the United States, due to the various benefits it offers. Our range of hospital cleaning cloths and towels are designed to enhance infection control, reduce labor, and are more environmentally-friendly than alternatives.

We invest great care and effort into ensuring our cloths and towels meet, or exceed, the standards set out by ALM for wear-and-tear and wash cycle-life. They are lint-free, non-abrasive, absorbent, and safe on the majority of surfaces. Microfiber cloths remove dirt and dust effectively with or without chemicals – but how?

How Do Microfiber Cloths Work?

Microfibers can attach themselves to the microscopic particles of dirt, when standard cloth fibers (which are huge, in comparison to microfiber) simply brush over them. When ‘normal’ cleaning cloths and towels are used, detergent molecules cling to dirt and grime, breaking them down, and when this cloth is rinsed, water washes the chemicals away but leaves some of the dirt.

With far fewer fibers than microfiber cleaning cloths, standard ones clean in an unreliable way: dirt can be missed, and detergent and water may be left on the surface, leading to more cleaning further down the line.

Without detergent, then, how is dirt removed? Millions of fibers sweep it away, applying force to dislodge particles without leaving any lint behind. By using microfiber cloths to clean surfaces, hospitals can save money on water usage, on chemicals, as well as saving time.

Microfiber towels are just as beneficial, providing non-abrasive, gentle drying on flesh and hair. These are durable enough to withstand several hundred washes, ensuring hospitals and medical institutions can cut costs on standard towels which show greater wear-and-tear in less time. Due to the softer feel, patients will be able to dry themselves with more comfort.

Our range of microfiber cleaning cloths and towels are the ideal solution for increasing hygiene and patient-comfort, saving hospitals money at the same time.


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