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The right automotive cleaning products are essential to keep your car looking its best.

When you love your vehicle, you enjoy detailing it on a regular basis. Every week (or every two weeks), you might spend an afternoon cleaning your car inside and out, removing dirt, grime, and everyday signs of wear and tear.

Microfiber is an ideal car-cleaning material, due to its high-absorbency, softness, and remarkable ability to pick up even the tiniest particles of dirt. With that in mind, what are the 5 microfiber automotive cleaning products you can’t live without?

Microfiber Wax Applicator Pad

With a microfiber wax applicator pad, you can apply wax to your car in a safe, efficient way.

Waxing your car is key to protecting its finish, as you’re placing a barrier between the vehicle’s clearcoat and the elements (UV rays, pollutants, rainwater). With a good wax in place, these will be unable to reach the bodywork beneath.

microfiber towels for salonMicrofiber Towel

With microfiber towels, you can remove wax and polish from your car’s exterior with ease. These can be used when the wax / polish is still damp, or when the vehicle’s still coated with water after being cleaned.

Microfiber towels are capable of holding six times their weight in water, which makes them ideal for drying your car after rinsing it off. This makes the drying process much faster and simpler, with no need to run the towel across the surface so many times.

Microfiber Detailing Mitt

Detailing mitts are ideal for wiping your car down without committing to a full wash. If you notice a few specks of dirt or a spot of mud on the bodywork after a drive, simply running the detailing mitt across it is a fast, effective way to remove it.

As microfiber is so soft, detailing mitts can be used on dry cars with minimal risk of scratches.

microfiber clothMicrofiber Glass Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber glass cleaning cloths add shine to your car windows without the need for chemical-based products. Simply add a touch of water before a thorough clean, and your windows will be dirt-free.

With less chemicals in your auto-detailing routine, you face less danger of skin irritation or other unpleasant side effects.

Another key benefit of microfiber glass cleaning cloths? No lint. Your windows will be left gleaming, without those irritating remainders.

Microfiber Car Duster

Microfiber makes cleaning your car’s interior easier. With a microfiber duster, you’ll be able to remove dust and dirt from your vents, dashboard, and upholstery with just a quick brush.

Microfiber can pick up particles of dust and dirt far more effectively than common alternatives (like cotton), for a more powerful clean.

As you can see, microfiber is integral to some automotive cleaning products you can’t live without, and these five items will help to make your car look as good as new. At Texas Microfiber, we’re here to help you get the best microfiber towels and cloths to transform your cleaning routine.


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