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In the past 15 years, there has been a 69 percent rise in the number of drivers choosing to have their vehicles washed professionally instead of doing it themselves.

What does that mean? The car wash industry is growing, and you need to do everything you can to make your business stand out.

Productivity makes a huge impact on your car wash’s performance and reputation. Your team’s ability to work at their best hinges on the tools at their disposal, and microfiber can help your car wash employees achieve much more.


Microfiber uses Less Water and Less Time

Microfiber holds as much as five times its weight in water, which makes it much more convenient for washing cars.

Your staff don’t need to keep dipping their microfiber towels or cloths into water as often, and they will drip less excess fluid on themselves or your customers’ cars.

Microfiber Dries Cars Faster

As microfiber towels for cars absorb more water than alternative materials, they can dry vehicles faster.

This means there is less need to wipe over the same spots again and again to remove water. Your team will be able to get through more cars in less time, enabling your car wash business to accommodate more customers.

Drivers will appreciate a quicker service, especially if they’re on their way to the office, a meeting, or just want to get home. A job done well, done fast, is more likely to earn you valuable word of mouth recommendations and positive online reviews.

Microfiber is Safer for Your Employees and Customers

Car washes can be dangerous for your workers: wet floors and splashing water demand employees watch their step.

The slightest fall poses more than a physical risk. Injured employees can’t work, costing you money and affecting the number of vehicles your team services per shift.

As microfiber retains more water and require less of it for an effective clean, your car wash’s floor will stay drier, shrinking the danger of slippages. Customers will be safer too.

Microfiber is safer on another level as well: it’s non-abrasive.

This is a major advantage over other materials, which need to be used more carefully on all vehicles to minimize damage. Your employees can wash and dry customers’ cars with more confidence, reducing the time needed for each vehicle.

Microfiber is Easy to Use Without Cleaning Products

Microfiber towels provide an effective, efficient clean without expensive cleaning products.

Why? They collect far more dirt and dust particles in one pass than other materials, even without any water. There is no need to spend time adding cleaning products to one bucket of water after another.

Your employees can wash and dry vehicles more quickly, without having to ensure every trace of cleaning fluid has been removed.

All this has an environmental benefit too. No chemicals will be poured away, where they will contribute to water pollution. 8 million cars are washed across the United States every day, and embracing an eco-friendly mindset is key.

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