Microfiber cleaning products are a great alternative to traditional cleaning fibers, such as cotton. Rather than pushing dirt and liquid around on the surface, microfiber products absorb the liquid and hold on to the dirt. Microfiber is the obvious choice for a cleaner surface, but that’s not the only reason.

Below are 10 reasons why you should be utilizing microfiber cleaning products.

1) Microfiber Products are More Efficient

Cleaning staffs strongly prefer microfiber over other cleaning products because, quite simply, it makes their job easier. It takes less time and effort to clean the same area with microfiber.

2) Microfiber Mopping is Quieter

In medical settings, patients can be very sensitive to sound. Microfiber mops are significantly quieter than traditional mops.

3) Microfiber Mops are Strong and Lint Free

Microfiber mops hold up much longer than traditional mops. In addition, they are lint free. So you never have to worry about cleaning up after your mop that is supposed to do all the cleaning.

4) Microfiber Products Reduce Work

Microfiber mops and cloths absorb the entire mess – dust, hair, dirt, and water all get picked up in one swoop. That means less bending and lifting for the person doing the cleaning.

5) Microfiber Mops Reduce Injury Risk

How many times have you (or someone you work with) slipped on a wet spot left behind from mopping? With microfiber mops, this is no longer a concern because they clean AND dry floors.

6) Microfiber Mops Reduce Chemical Hazards and Prevent Pollution

Environments mopped with microfiber pads on a daily basis have less pollution, due to the microfiber absorbing chemicals that would be spread around by a traditional mop.

7) Microfiber Products Reduce Labor Costs

The time saved with microfiber cleaning products translates to lower labor costs. It’s a win-win for employees and employers.

8) Microfiber Products Reduce Overhead Costs

In addition to labor costs, microfiber products reduce the amount of water, cleaning chemicals, and laundry service required. The result is a reduction of overall cleaning costs.

9) Microfiber Products Reduce Biological Hazards

Microfiber products require less water, which in turn leads to a major reduction in cross-contamination. They save money, while at the same time being better for the environment.

10) Microfiber Products Reduce Landry Resources

Microfiber products reduce laundry costs, but they also reduce other laundry resources. Microfiber cloths and pads require less water, less detergent and less space in machines.


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