Texas Microfiber™ offers a variety of high-quality microfiber mop pads for sale. These reusable microfiber mop pads are ideal for any type of mess. Thanks to microfiber’s ability to absorb liquids quickly, you will be able to handle spills far more efficiently than you would with a traditional mop. This holds true for both simple spills like beverages and more hazardous spills like chemicals.

Our microfiber products are also great for dry messes. Microfiber can grab dust particles far better than traditional brooms and sweepers. Our reusable microfiber mop pads make sweeping both more effective and more efficient.

These mops’ solid construction makes them last several times longer than traditional mops. They can withstand hard scrubbing for heavier jobs, such as dried dirt.

The microfiber mop pads for sale at Texas Microfiber™ are constructed of 100% split ultra-microfiber, making them extra absorbent and longer-lasting.

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  • 18″ x 5 1/2″ Fringe Microfiber Wet Flat Mop With Microfiber Insert

  • 20″ Poly/Cotton Wet String Mop for use with clamp head

  • Superior Microfiber Wet Flat Mop

  • XL 20″ X 6″ Microfiber Wet Flat Mop – With Microfiber Insert