Shop all of our microfiber cleaning products below. From microfiber cleaning tools like mop heads to healthcare products like bedsheets, our wide selection covers every type of microfiber product you could need.


Microfiber has a plethora of benefits and stands above traditional cloths and cleaners. These benefits include a high absorbency rate, ecofriendly construction, and long-term cost efficiency.


Our microfiber cleaning products find use in a wide range of industries. From automotive shops to hospital wards, our products help the professionals keep their workplaces as clean as possible. We offer bulk product orders to businesses and wholesalers. Our bulk orders range in quantity, so you can order exactly what you need and avoid sitting on extras.


From towels for hair salons to mops for independent cleaning services, we’ve got tons of specialized microfiber cleaning tools for industry-specific cleaning tasks. Look below to find the right product for you!

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  • 12 x 12 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

  • 16 x 16 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

  • 16 x 24 Microfiber Terry Towel

  • 16″ x 16″ Microfiber Custom Embroidered Logo Towels

  • 16″ x 16″ Microfiber Satin Weave Glass Cloths

  • 16″ x 16″ Microfiber Vending Cloths; Qty 1 per pack

  • 16″ X 20″ Cotton Custom Printed Logo Towels

  • 16″ x 24″ Cotton Terry Towels

  • 16″ x 24″ Microfiber Diamond Waffle Weave Glass Cloth

  • 16″ x 24″ Microfiber Soft Regular Waffle Weave towels

  • 16″ x 28″ Plush Microfiber Hair Towel – Loose Bulk

  • 16″ x 28″ Plush Microfiber Hair Towel – Sold in Packs of 2