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Washable Microfiber Dusters

Cleaning hard-to-reach places can be tricky. Most dusters just knock the dust down to a lower level. To make sure you only have to clean once, we’ve designed our washable microfiber dusters to be highly effective when handling dust and lint. Our microfiber chenille duster is 20” long and can be used on most duster wands.

All of our washable microfiber dusters are highly absorbent and non-abrasive. These microfiber chenille dusters can be used for both dry and damp cleaning. They’re great for removing buildup in hard-to-reach spots.

These dusters are durable and can last for several hundred washes. This investment will save you money down the road and sizably reduce your eco-footprint. Place your order today!

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  • 20″ Chenille High Duster Sock

  • 20″ Microfiber Chenille Duster Sock – Blue

  • Aluminum Wand with Flexible Head