Bulk and Wholesale Microfiber Products


Popular Texas Microfiber Products

  • Microfiber Cloth 16″ x 16″

  • Microfiber Cloth 12″ x 12″

Here at Texas Microfiber, we work hard to be the number one provider of wholesale and bulk microfiber products. Whether you’re washing your car or sanitizing a hospital room, we offer great products like microfiber towels and mop heads to address all your cleaning needs.

Microfiber products offer numerous benefits. Thanks to the thousands of fibers per inch, microfiber is far more absorbent than traditional cloths. This superior ability to absorb allows a microfiber towel to retain up to seven times its own weight when cleaning up a spill.

Texas Microfiber’s products are made with the environment in mind. Microfiber lasts much longer than traditional cloth, so you won’t have to replace them nearly as often. Their longevity also makes them highly cost-effective in the long run.

Our products can be found in such industries as healthcare, hair care, automotive, and janitorial/sanitation, just to name a few. Whatever your cleaning needs are, make Texas Microfiber the source for all of your microfiber products.