About us

At Texas Microfiber it’s Our Mission to Fulfil the Needs of Our Customers

We supply high-quality, affordable microfiber great for Automotive, Healthcare and JanSan. Our products include traditional microfiber cloths, custom microfiber, mop pads and other cleaning equipment

Setting Standards

Texas Microfiber™ was started in 2000, out of the needs of our restaurant, private club and hospitality customers. Our commercial construction management company wrote standards manuals detailing cleaning and maintenance methods for their commercial kitchens and the design services division supplied bedding, linens, draperies, lighting and accessories to resort facilities. It became clear that microfiber was at the top of the list for best practices in cleaning and maintaining facilities. We created standards for linens, anti-microbial carpet, flame retardant bedding and draperies for our hospitality clients. With these standards in place, we felt confident our customers were going to be able to maintain their facilities after we finished our work and turned them over to operations and facilities to manage on a day-to-day basis.

Putting Customer Needs First

Our experience in facilities design and construction and ultimately authoring the facility cleaning methods, chemical use and material specifications, lead to a natural spring board for creating a microfiber textile and linens supply brand of its own. We base our philosophy on the needs of our customers, whose success depends on their ability to easily clean and sanitize their facilities effectively and economically with ease of replacement when the need arose.

We found that microfiber and polyester textiles not only meets their needs, it addresses the concern of so many corporations and businesses today – to act environmentally responsible and conserve our natural resources; find products that can stand up to the rigors of washing and daily use. The growth in importance of LEED certification, “Green Zones” and the need to prevent the spread of infection and contamination among the customers they serve, has provided us with the inspiration to manufacturer and fabricate these products for our customers.

Personal Service

Our cost savings approach will support your facility goals and needs over the annual budget and allow you to expand your offering to your facilities by increasing the number of available units or just reducing the cost per year for your linens. It’s a win-win situation.

At Texas Microfiber™, we strive to seek out the newest and most cost effective ways to meet our customer’s needs. By providing cost effective solutions to their everyday challenges, we are able to excel where our competitors cannot – offering personal service and unprecedented savings.

The People at Texas Microfiber

Here at Texas Microfiber we strive create and maintain long lasting and beneficial relationships with both the Texas Microfiber family and our customers..