Texas Microfiber™ hospital sheets are 100% synthetic fibers by nature and have anti-microbial qualities. Several features make these microfiber products far superior to traditional sheets, including the ability to greatly minimize the spreading of germs. Microfiber hospital sheets are also far more eco-conscious than traditional sheets. They last several times longer and have to be replace far less often, make them the eco-friendly choice. They also resist stains, which can prove especially useful in the healthcare field.

Our wholesale hospital bed sheets offer several financial benefits as well. They’re durable and stand up to the rigors and high heat of healthcare commercial laundry, so they last much longer than traditional sheets. Our wholesale hospital bed sheets also sell at incredible prices. You’ll save even more with larger orders!

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  • XL Twin Hospital Microfiber Flat Hospital Bed Sheet

  • XL Twin Knitted Stretcher Poly/Cotton Fitted Hospital Bed Sheet